Due to the volume and variety of edible oils traded by ADV, it is possible for the company to adapt to the quality, format and service demands from local and international customers.

ADV oils are traded in bulk and for food service; and packing companies and food industries are our main customers.


Products are packed and transported according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Food service
Food service PET containers of 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 25 liter capacity, placed in boxes and palletized for transport.
Food Industry
Industria alimenticia 1,000 liter octabins directly palletized and 200 Kg plastic barrels.
Transport in Bulk
Transporte a granel By land: in stainless steel tanker trucks with a 28 ton capacity. By sea: in flexitanks with a 20 or 22 ton capacity, and in 23 ton isotanks.

In order to be close to our international customers and quickly satisfy their requirements,
ADV has a Department of Foreign Trade.